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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and son

New Mexico Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission

The New Mexico State Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission was established in 1991 by the Legislature of the State of New Mexico. It was introduced by Senator's Cisneros,Roman Maes, Mary Jane Garcia, Gloria Howes, and Shannon Robinson.
The mission for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission is to promote cultural awareness and human rights through Dr. King's life philosophy and six principles of nonviolent social action to all peoples of New Mexico. "Nonviolence is not just about a person, one family, or one community, it is a holistic philosophy. All life is interrelated; we are all tied together," said Coretta Scott King.

The MLK Commission aims is to improve interracial cooperation and appreciation while attempting to reduce juvenile delinquency in our communities. The commission continues to work with local affiliates (organizations, schools, churches, municipalities, and others) by providing the necessary support within the limits and guidelines of the statutes. In this capacity, the commission sponsors Youth Against Violence Symposiums in schools and distributes Dr. King's Infusion Model for Teaching Nonviolent Principles in Schools(K-12 Grades).

JoElla Redmon, Executive Director
Martin Luther King, Jr. State Commission
8100 Mountain Road NE
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